Proofreading and copy-editing services

The simplest, briefest text requires an independent check, as much as the most complex, long document! A glaring error—unchecked—will be the reader’s focus, rather than the message you’re giving; the information you’re sharing; or the idea you’re selling!

Engage us to deal with troublesome words, elusive punctuation, irksome apostrophes, cumbersome phrases, and anything else that requires a sharp eye and could do with correction or a turn of phrase to make your message clear and memorable.

Do you stumble over the use of past and passed? Would you expect to see ‘Sofa’s for sale’?
Can you spot the error in ‘The Bright Group will have combined annual sales of R5 billion a year’?

We have experience in proofreading and editing of published non-fiction, learning materials, dissertations, reports, advertising and marketing copy, and newsletters.

Contact Intelesi now for a quick turnaround to check and refine your business documents.