Accredited Programme Development

We develop accredited learning programmes from NQF level 2 to NQF level 7 and the General, Further and Higher Education Training bands. These programmes can be offered in-house as part of organisational skills development and training, or by registered training providers.

We develop stand-alone unit standards; skills programmes; and full qualifications, ensuring that these align to learning outcomes and standards established by SAQA, and reflect an organisation’s particular brand and focus in terms of voice and unique organisational goals.

Deliverables for accredited programmes

  • Design of creative learning activities to scaffold learning.
  • Design of blended learning – online components; branding / look and feel; input into QMS.
  • Assistance with submission to SETA.
  • Programme Curriculum Strategy.
  • Learner Guide.
  • Facilitator Guide.
  • Formative Assessment / Learner Workbook.
  • Assessor Guide.
  • Summative Assessment / PoE Guide.
  • Assessment feedback.
  • Slides.