Making Knowledge Accessible

Developing engaging learning material and innovative organisational solutions
through meaningful collaboration.

Since our inception in 2007, we have created engaging learning material and developed innovative organisational solutions for a diverse portfolio of clients in South Africa and abroad. Our dynamic team comprises a highly professional core staff and a large network of subject-matter and design experts.
We are therefore able to adapt to diverse demands and produce learning content that is current, relevant, engaging, and valid. Our people and processes uphold our key values of quality, diversity, meaningful learning, and collaboration.


What We Do

Proofreading and copy editing services


Years of experience; formal training through the Wits Language School; and a love for the written word, readability, and clarity of message enables us to provide proofreading and copy-editing services. Proofreading spots and corrects superficial errors in spelling, grammar, language, punctuation, syntax, sentence construction and paragraph breaks. It should also spot and address inconsistencies. Copy editing is another layer of checking and correcting text, as it looks at structure, style, sentence construction and flow, layout, clarity, repetition, and voice. It involves corrections; suggestions for deletions or additions; rephrasing or reworking of sentences to improve clarity of message or argument; and suggested amendments for readability.

Some of our clients

We are proud to have worked with these organisations

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  • GAD Logo

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  • Educor – DHET Submission

    Intelesi has supported Lyceum College, through Educor, in the submission of five education qualifications to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for approval, prior to final submission to the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Through this process, and close collaboration with the client, Intelesi has worked to improve and develop policies that support students and articulate the vision and mission of the institution and its commitment to quality education.

  • ICG – Grade 10 and 12 CAPS Assessment

    Intelesi has embarked on the process of updating assessment tasks for a range of Grade 10 and Grade 12 subjects offered by ICESA to distance learners. This project has involved partnership with subject matter experts and editors to ensure the integrity, validity, reliability, fairness and transparency of these assessment tasks. A sense of creativity and a commitment to quality are the underlying values which form the focus of the project, reiterating our commitment to innovation and accountability.

  • Mass Discounters – Category Leadership Training Workshop

    Intelesi is assisting Mass Discounters in designing Category Leadership experiential training workshops. These aim to facilitate the development of technical capabilities and provide employees with new ways of working (internally and externally) to deliver on their organisational and operational strategy as part of an ongoing organisational change process. In this project, Intelesi has identified learning outcomes and developed content to ultimately support this organisational change process.

  • Khaloza Books – BAR SA

    Intelesi assisted Khaloza Books, an independent publishing company, in the collection and verification of records for their first publication of The Book of African Records – South Africa (BAR SA). The Book of African Records (BAR) is a “research and educational institution that collects, collates, documents, publishes, publicises and distributes content of the achievements, acts and deeds of the African people.” Bar SA, which celebrates South Africa, its people and the environment, will be published in September 2018.

  • ICCF – Chemo Safety

    Intelesi is assisting the ICCF in the development of a Chemo Safety programme for nurses and pharmacists, which aims to improve the safety of patients and healthcare professionals involved with chemotherapy and to reduce medication errors. Intelesi has supported the ICCF in the design of the curriculum and is working with content supplied by selected subject matter experts to deliver coherent, valid, and reliable on-brand content that reflects current safety standards in the chemotherapy safety chain.

  • TFG – Store Manager & Area Manager

    Intelesi is developing custom participant and facilitator guides for The Foschini Group’s (TFG) Store Manager and Area Manager Learning Pathway workshops and restructured and realigned eight learning modules for TFG’s Store Manager and Area Manager Learning Pathway programmes aimed at improving the skills and competences of their store and area managers. The new-look programmes are designed in line with the organisation’s approved branding and link learning and customer service, operations, self-management and employee management to the group’s vision, values and overall strategy.

  • NSG – CIP 4-5

    Intelesi is developing the Compulsory Induction Programme (CIP) for salary levels 4-5 (a re-development of an earlier version of the CIP for salary levels 1-5) for the National School of Government (NSG). The CIP 4-5 programme uses storytelling told by relatable, authentic characters within the public service to frame the activities around key knowledge, skills, and values that are required by public servants at that level. The activities are practical and enable participants to practise tasks that they would typically need to perform daily.

  • Educor – PGCE and B Ed content development

    Intelesi is project managing the development of close to 200 modules associated with five education qualifications that Educor plans to offer to contact and distance students. This includes the development of NQF Level 5, 6 and 7 wrap-around study guides that reflect Educor’s constructivist approach to learning and adhere to their quality processes and standards. Intelesi is working developmentally with a range of subject matter experts, including content developers, moderators and editors, to ensure that the wrap-around study guides (including assessments) will assist the student in developing the competencies required to teach their selected phase/grade and subject.

  • SAIDE- AD: SLM (For the DBE)

    The South African Institute of Distance Education (SAIDE) is project managing the development of an Advanced Diploma in Education: School Leadership and Management for the Department of Basic Education (DBE). As part of this project, Intelesi is developing modules entitled “Managing people” and also “Working with and for the wider community”. The programme will be offered by universities throughout the country and may become a requirement for all aspirant school principals. Practical school change projects are required as evidence of competence.

  • GAD Consulting – editing textbook

    Intelesi edited a book entitled The Essential Finance Handbook for Business Owners, written by Precious Mvulane, (CA (SA), RA). The book was designed for start-up business owners, entrepreneurs and general managers without a formal finance background. Intelesi ensured that the writing was clear and concise and that all content was free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Further suggestions about re-structuring the content should future editions be prepared were also provided.

  • MGSLG – Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS)

    Intelesi designed a programme on the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) which improves teaching and learning by addressing identified areas of weakness. The twelve areas that are usually assessed in the IQMS were all covered, with an emphasis on identifying and attending to the psycho-social needs of learners. Assessment tests were provided which were designed to identify areas within a topic that may require development. Relevant information sheets and tasks were then provided as developmental aids to address any areas of weakness. Working collaboratively with colleagues was integral to the design of the programme.

  • ICG – Study guides for high school youth who opted to complete the NSC via distance education

    Intelesi developed, moderated and edited Grade 10 and Grade 11 study guides and assessments aligned to the CAPS curriculum for ICESA. The guides focussed on the literature component of the CAPS language curriculum and aimed at providing support and guidance to distance learners.

    An important component of the project was the delivery of content that adhered to the client’s quality requirements and publishing standards, which ensured the integrity of the final product.

  • TFG – NQF 2 Wholesale and Retail Operations

    Intelesi project managed the development and accreditation of an NQF 2 National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Chain Store Operations programme for The Foschini Group Retail Academy (TFGRA), a programme designed for their entry level store associates. In addition to curriculum design and the development of learning material uniquely suited to the company’s operations, Intelesi optimised the organisation’s Quality Management System (QMS) to meet the requirements for Wholesale and Retail SETA accreditation. The programme received accreditation in March 2018.

  • Educor – short course – Introduction to teaching and learning

    Intelesi developed five online modules around teaching and learning in higher education for new Educor lecturers. Through these online modules, the new lecturer could engage with and apply knowledge of teaching and learning, such as assessment principles, lesson planning, instructional strategies and teaching methods, around key topics. This online short course included instructional videos and the development of online assessments aimed at building capacity within the organisation, with the ultimate aim of improving the students’ experience and their quality of learning.

  • ICCF – Induction Programme: An introduction to cancer care for nurses

    Intelesi assisted in the development of a focussed and innovative nursing professional development programme which aims to improve the standards of oncology nursing care provided in a specifically African context. Intelesi collaborated with subject matter experts to provide guidance and support in the development of the curriculum, the design and development of learning content, assessment tools and slides, and the evaluation of training data collected from various African countries in which the programme was delivered.





  • Educor – Design of five education programmes/qualifications (NQF Level 7)

    Intelesi developed five education qualifications (two PGCEs and three B Ed programmes) in line with the Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications. This included curriculum design which was informed by local and international studies into initial teacher education (ITE), and close collaboration with subject matter experts during module development to ensure adherence to standards and client requirements. Both internal documentation and CHE submission documentation for contact and distance learning offerings were prepared. This process included input into revisions required in policy to support the delivery of four-year education qualifications and postgraduate certificates.

  • Woolworths Learning Journey course guide

    Intelesi revised and redesigned Woolworths’ Learning Journey course guide, creatively turning a technical prospectus into a simplified, easy-to-use reference guide. Woolworths required the revision and redesign of their Learning Journey course guide, a handbook that helps managers and employees identify the learning opportunities available to them. Intelesi introduced a contemporary design that aligned with the brand’s modern image and simplified the handbook’s ‘prospectus’ structure into a streamlined, user-friendly reference guide available online and as a printed brochure.

  • JET (Joint Education Trust) – Induction programme for NATs and NQTs

    Intelesi collaborated with JET in researching and developing an induction programme for newly appointed teachers (NATs) and newly qualified teachers (NQTs). This programme is being rolled out in all Gauteng schools and its practical tools and emphasis on collaborative work practiced through teacher team work offers a supportive environment for the development of NATs and NQTs. Case studies based on the experience of teachers arriving at a school informed the development of the tools and tasks.

  • UWESO – Review of ECD qualification

    For this project, Intelesi reviewed an Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme from both a learning design and content integrity perspective. The review commenced after the development of a rigorous framework which was the result of close collaboration with both the client and numerous subject matter experts. The main findings were that the programme was inadequately scaffolded and too Eurocentric in its approach. Recommendations were put forward to improve the quality of the programme.

  • NSG – Executive Induction Programme (EIP) for post levels 15-16 in the public service

    Intelesi assisted in the development of the National School of Government’s (NSG) Executive Induction Programme (EIP), an experiential induction programme designed for Directors-General and Deputy Directors-General newly appointed to the public service. Intelesi collaborated closely with the developer (a former Director-General) to develop an adequate structure for the programme, shape the raw material, and prepare the programme for the quality assurance process within the NSG.

  • Khulisani / I Can! NQF 2 Plant Production

    Intelesi designed and developed Khulisani’s NQF 2 Plant Production qualification for learners with special needs. The Khulisani Academy is a fully accredited training provider that offers innovative and sustainable learning opportunities for people living with a disability. Intelesi developed learning material and supporting documents for the accreditation of their NQF 2 Plant Production learnership programme, making particular provisions for learners with visual and/or learning difficulties.

  • Educor – online programme for lecturers

    Intelesi developed seven units as part of ongoing staff development at Educor to improve the quality of teaching and learning amongst Educor faculty lecturers. Intelesi created engaging content that encouraged employees to read (and reflect) on teaching and learning in higher education. To this end, topics included: understanding and developing exit level outcomes (in line with SAQA level descriptors); planning for learning; understanding constructivism and social learning and its impact on facilitation of learning with adults; the role of peer learning and self-directed learning in higher education; digital pedagogy; and managing adults in the classroom.

  • Mr Price Academy – NQF 4 Wholesale and Retail Generic Management

    In 2018, the Mr Price Academy internally rolled out the FETC: Wholesale and Retail Generic Management qualification which was developed by Intelesi. Intelesi also supported the Mr Price Retail Academy, who had previously held accreditation for skills programmes, in obtaining programme approval through the Wholesale & Retail SETA in early 2017. An innovative component of the programme was incorporating Mr Price’s core values into each module. The result was a customised qualification with the aim of encouraging store managers to live these values in their stores.

  • IFPASA / International Fitness Professionals Association of South Africa – Skills programme development

    IFPA South Africa is a professional training association that provides fulltime and correspondence courses in personal fitness and training. Intelesi was contracted to adapt the internationally recognised IFPA training courses to suit the South Africa health and fitness context, and to meet the requirements for CATHSSETA accreditation. The result of this 3-year process is a range of skills programmes and a Quality Management System (QMS) that are a testament to our commitment to building our clients’ technical and organisational capabilities to implement effective learning programmes.

  • NSG – Lead Facilitator Development Programme (LFDP)

    As part of the Minister’s pledge to ‘professionalise’ the public service, Intelesi was contracted to develop the Lead Facilitator Development Programme (LFDP). This programme approaches facilitation from a process perspective and posits that the facilitator is responsible for the ambience of the group, the pace of training, and the cogency of ideas gathered. The programme includes many interrogative and creative methods that can be practically implemented and serves as a precursor for public service facilitators to enter an accredited programme for Master Facilitators from the South African public service on foresight and leadership at Stanford University.

  • Nobulali Productions – Adopt a School Foundation

    Intelesi worked collaboratively with Nobulali Productions in devising the curriculum, developing materials and facilitating interventions in schools in three provinces – the outskirts of Gauteng; Mpumalanga and North West Province. The purpose of the programme was to introduce innovative, creative and lively teaching methodologies to English and Mathematics teachers. Whereas teachers were receptive to the methods that were modelled, the biggest challenge was content knowledge which was not of an acceptable standard. We therefore adapted the approach to assist teachers where this was possible.

  • PMI – management facilitation

    Intelesi facilitated the roll-out of three qualifications on behalf of PMI (and the Adcorp Leadership Academy). The aim of these management programmes (at NQF Level 3 and NQL Level 5) was to build organisational capacity within the various organisations within Adcorp and across provinces. The commitment, on the part of PMI and the learners, to making the most of the opportunity is evidenced in the high completion rate within these programmes, despite learners being drawn from highly pressurised industries (e.g. recruitment) that were having to manage a rapidly changing labour landscape.

  • PMI – qualification development

    Intelesi developed ten new qualifications for PMI, an established training provider, with a long track record in the delivery of qualifications (and learnerships) in both the further education and the higher education training bands. Many of the qualifications were within the Services sector (Generic management, Project Management, Customer Management, Labour Recruitment Services and Marketing), whilst others were within the Wholesale & Retail sector (Operations) and the Manufacturing Sector (Stores and Warehousing). Intelesi worked with a committed team of subject matter experts, moderators and editors to deliver this high-quality learning content in just eight months.

  • NSG – Compulsory Induction Programme (CIP for levels 13-14)

    Intelesi designed and developed the Compulsory Induction Programme (CIP) for Directors and Chief Directors in the public service. The programme was designed around the competences required and as stipulated by the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA). A blended learning and peer-based learning approach was used, enabling core skills and competences to be explored and where possible, for group problem solving to be applied. The idea was that participants should develop a network or cohort of peers.

  • MGSLG – ICT Toolkit

    Intelesi developed support material for the implementation of tablets and an ICT infrastructure in selected schools following the Gauteng MEC for Education’s announcement of the ‘paperless schools’ project. The toolkit provided key information and tools to assist various school stakeholders with the implementation of ICT in the school environment. The toolkit also provided substantial assistance to teachers, such as introducing the TPAK model – where technology, pedagogy and teaching intersect. A theme running through all parts of the toolkit was ICT safety and security and how to safeguard learners using ICTs from dangers such as cyberstalking.

  • Bridge – development

    Intelesi was recruited by BRIDGE, an NGO specialising in developing Communities of Practice (COPs) in schools throughout the country, to develop part of a programme for aspirant school leaders. The accredited programme was run in collaboration with the University of the Witwatersrand and was the result of a collected effort from a group of respected developers across the country. Intelesi partnered with three other developers on the project and was responsible for developing a module on “Leading Instructional Practice”.

  • Mine Health and Safety Council (MHSC) – Material on sexual harassment in the mines

    Together with The Guild Combination, a graphic design organisation, Intelesi developed a booklet, pamphlets and a scripted DVD on sexual harassment on the mines. The outputs were developed from research at 20 mines across the country, where the findings from questionnaires and focus group discussions were consolidated into a recommendatory report. The DVD is being used at mines across the country to educate and inform mine workers of their rights and responsibilities regarding sexual harassment. It provides a clear message about how sexual harassment should be prevented and reported.

  • MGSLG – Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN)

    Intelesi researched and wrote a booklet for Full Service Schools on the regulations, protocols, knowledge and skills required to include learners with barriers to learning in the school environment. The work emphasised the need to embrace diversity and difference, but also raised the very real dilemmas and challenges faced by teachers with large classes and inadequate resources. Later, Intelesi was asked to facilitate a large scale ‘train the trainer’ full week session with 150 District Officials from Gauteng. We did so using innovative and highly interactive facilitation techniques, which were very well received by the participants.

  • Nobulali Productions – Mzomhle School

    Intelesi assisted Nobulali Productions in an intervention for under-resourced Eastern Cape schools by preparing learning materials to help learners study for their upcoming English exams. This project included the development of assessments and practice tasks as well as supporting material to help learners understand the subject’s content. The aim of the intervention was not only to help learners prepare for exams, but also to improve their exam writing techniques.

  • MGSLG – Creating a Culture of Support: A Handbook for District Officials

    Intelesi wrote nine of ten chapters for the book, Creating a Culture of Support: A Handbook for District Officials, on behalf of the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance. The book is a resource for District Officials and reflects a deep understanding of the requirements for this role. It includes chapters such as coaching, a model for District Officials, the legislative framework, the use of data in education, and communities of practice.

  • Goethe Institute

    On behalf of Dr Knuth Noke, Intelesi researched a number of funding opportunities that could possibly be the beneficiaries of Goethe Institute opportunities. Intelesi developed a comprehensive selection rubric and used this during the research for suitable candidates. The recommendatory report that ensued resulted in a programme being selected and implemented by the Goethe Institute.

  • DAFF – SMME toolkit

    Intelesi was contracted by DAFF to develop a toolkit for small businesses within the Forest sector. This toolkit comprised four generic topics: Managing money; Managing people; Marketing; and Planning for your business. Four sector-specific booklets which covered the basics of running a bee-keeping; charcoal; sawmilling and tree-growing business were also developed. Intelesi collaborated with subject matter experts to ensure content accuracy and edited the material for clarity and accessibility. The sector-specific books were translated into four languages, and a week-long ‘train the trainer’ programme was conducted with 35 foresters from around the country. Intelesi partnered with The Guild Combination on this project, who were responsible for the layout and design of the materials.

  • MGSLG – Secondary School Improvement Programme (SSIP) and Primary School Improvement Programme (PSIP)

    Intelesi assisted with the development of the Secondary School Improvement Programme (SSIP) and Primary School Improvement Programme (PSIP). These programmes provided support to underperforming schools in Gauteng in terms of curriculum delivery and the quality of teaching and learning. Intelesi’s role was to provide useful information to enable School Management Teams to lead and manage their schools more efficiently and effectively. The programme, for which Intelesi developed all the leadership and management materials, won first place for Africa in the 2014 United Nations Public Service Awards.

  • PALAMA (now NSG) – Mentoring

    Intelesi developed an innovative mentoring programme for supervisors in the public sector for PALAMA (now the NSG). This programme moved through the mentoring cycle (prepare, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate) and incorporated blended learning with preparatory tasks and online knowledge questions. For the brief taught sessions, projective techniques were used. Learning was consolidated during peer learning exchanges where participants could not only practise skills but also learn from interactions with their peers.

  • MGSLG – School Governing Body Toolkit

    Intelesi developed the SGB Toolkit for Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance which was distributed to every school in Gauteng. The toolkit comprised booklets, posters, carry cards and a DVD which guided viewers through a typical SGB meeting. Topics included managing finances, managing people, working with parents and the community, planning, and working with school policies. Nobulali Productions assisted with the scripting, acting and filming of the DVD as well as voice overs in five languages, while The Guild Combination were responsible for the layout and design of the materials. Intelesi also facilitated a large scale ‘train the trainer’ on the use of the toolkit in schools.

  • NOAH – Community Based Organisation (CBO) development programme

    Intelesi developed an extensive (10-part) programme for NOAH in a collaborative and consultative manner, with community support officers contributing to the curriculum design and the ‘look and feel’ of the materials. Intelesi utilised characters and ‘talking heads’ to help link content and explain concepts. Topics included managing money, managing people, legalities, and health and safety. The material was used to train community development workers to great effect until NOAH, an AIDS orphan charity, was sadly closed.

  • PALAMA – Training Capacity Development Programme (TCDP)

    Intelesi developed the Training Capacity Development Programme (TCDP) for PALAMA (now NSG). This consultative task, funded by the German government, required extensive in-house consultation with PALAMA staff at levels from Deputy Director to DDG. The research resulted in a human resource framework and a framework for improved capacity of facilitators within the public service. A rigorous recruitment and selection process was also devised which utilised a variety of probing techniques to determine competence.


  • Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM)

    Intelesi project managed the CCEAM during the tenure of the South African President of the CCEAM, Ms Zandile Kunene. This involved managing the publication of the CCEAM journal, ISEA; managing member country subscriptions and payments; securing funding for proposed CCEAM projects; serving as speech writer for the President of the CCEAM (this included key note speeches at two international conferences); arranging the Annual General Meeting in Australia; and managing quarterly board meetings with members from around the Commonwealth. Notable achievements included an increase in the numbers, and active participation, of smaller Commonwealth countries. A DVD was prepared on ‘women in diaspora’ which can be found on the Commonwealth website.

  • IOM – ‘Trafficking in Persons’ materials

    Intelesi worked with PMA Holdings and Treharne Africa Management Services (TAMS)to develop unit standards, materials, and conduct ‘train the trainer’ sessions with government departments on human trafficking. Intelesi consulted with officials from the Department of Home Affairs, Social Development and Health, and the National Prosecuting Authority to determine needs. Thereafter, a curriculum was designed and approved, and materials were developed. Ratification workshops were held, and the materials were amended. According to the IOM, the materials were well received, and several departments used these in training prior to the World Cup in 2010, when an increase in cases of trafficking was expected.

  • Network for Black Professionals (NBP) UK)

    Intelesi supported the Network for Black Professionals (NBP) in a number of ways. An important activity was writing a speech on Black leadership and delivering this at an NBP conference in London, again in Johannesburg, and lastly at the CCEAM conference in Sydney, Australia. Other means of support included liaison within South Africa for various projects in which the NBP team was engaged, primarily with FET colleges.

  • UNICEF – Case studies on Child-Friendly Schools

    On behalf of UNICEF, Intelesi conducted research at schools in Kwa-Zulu Natal. The research was aimed at gathering information about the effectiveness of the UNICEF Child-Friendly Schools programme. The research resulted in a series of case studies which presented a balanced response to the successes and the constraints of the programme. The project highlights Intelesi’s commitment to transparency and integrity.

  • Khulisa Management Services – Project management facilitation and assessment

    Intelesi revised an in-house accredited project management course for Khulisa Management Services, and then facilitated training and assessed learning for school leaders in rural North West Province who were taking part in the course to improve their management skills. Topics for the course included budgeting, planning, project implementation and evaluation. The accredited course resulted in certification for those who were able to successfully complete the programme.

  • MGSLG – Preparation of materials on the National Curriculum Statements (NCS)

    On behalf of the Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance, Intelesi led and collaborated with a team of subject matter experts, developers, moderators, and editors who prepared materials for science, numeracy, mathematics and literacy, for teachers in these related fields. The work combined teaching methodology and content knowledge and covered the full NCS curriculum for each subject.

  • ESETA – Project Management

    On behalf of the ESETA, Intelesi took over the role of project managing a R30 million rand jointly funded ESTA/National Skills Fund project that targeted the development of skills in water reticulation, waste water management and the development of electricians. This required reporting to key stakeholders (ESETA board and NSF), liaison and negotiation with training providers and municipalities (for learner placement), and overseeing the payment of learners and quality assurance in partnership with ESETA departments.

  • Network for Black Professionals

    Intelesi supported the Network for Black Professionals (NBP) in a number of ways. An important activity was writing a speech on Black leadership and delivering this at an NBP conference in London, again in Johannesburg, and lastly at the CCEAM conference in Sydney, Australia. Other means of support included liaison within South Africa for various projects in which the NBP team was engaged, primarily with FET colleges.