Our Story


A bit of history

Intelesi was founded in 2007 by Arlene Walsh after a long stint in academia and the NGO and formal education sector. She was joined shortly after by Geraldine Martin, who brought her extensive project management experience to the table.

Together the two and their team have produced quality accredited and non-accredited learning solutions for a wide portfolio of clients, from government, NPO, international agencies, and training providers, to large private corporate clients.

Since its inception, Intelesi has also expanded its team and has a large network of expert freelance providers. This enables flexibility in terms of the skills required for unique projects and clients, from subject-matter expertise, to editing and design skills.

What we do

Intelesi provides comprehensive, customised learning solutions for a unique range of development needs. This means that we develop accredited and non-accredited learning content that meets the specific organisational goals of our clients.

This includes conducting development needs analyses and designing the best route forward based on our client’s structure and their objectives. We also develop content for face-to-face training, online training, and programmes for reinforcing learning after formal contact training has concluded.

We provide more nuanced services based on smaller needs such as analysing the gaps in existing material, addressing stylistic needs in terms of content and look and feel, updating knowledge gaps in current material, and updating stale material to reflect current academic trends.

Our “big picture” approach…

Like our approach to developing learning content, we have a “big picture” approach to working with clients. This means that we approach all of our work with an eye on what the organisation needs in terms of its bottom line, its people, and the development of its brand and culture.

This extensive approach relies on collaboration in terms of understanding how the organisation operates and an awareness of the organisation’s brand and objectives

The ADDIE cycle

Quality assurance

We ensure quality by:

  • Going through 10 iterations in the development process – every document is subject to scrutiny.
  • Consulting with you, the client, to ensure we have understood what you need and getting sign-off at key milestones.
  • Using subject-matter experts for development and verification of content.
  • Using language experts for writing, editing and proofreading of content.
  • Using fewer words rather than more.
  • Referencing all work – we believe it’s important to acknowledge what others have done in the field and to ensure quality by knowing where our source information has come from.